Fun card messages for yard sign displays


to / from favorite baseball lover / player
new boy baby
have a great game
congrats on your winning game
sports nut
World Series / payoff party


favorite basketball lover / player
new boy baby
have a great game
Super Bowl / playoff party
sports nut
congrats on your winning game


I'm batty over you you old bat To/from your Batman favorite baseball player Halloween you're batting a 1000 with me you're batty bats in your belfry for your bat mitzvah


happy anniversary
happy wedding
you ring my bell
bells are ringing for you
Merry Christmas
happy holidays
ring in the new year


to my butterfly
you lift me up
you're the butterfly in my life
to the butterfly in our garden
you beautiful butterfly


Merry Christmas
happy holidays
sweet 16 (with #16s)
to my sweet thing
in a world of kale, you're candy


you've joined the ranks of these guys
invited some old friends over
you're so old you're extinct
old as dirt / mold
now you're fossil fuel
even dinosaurs have to retire sometime
you're pre-historic
you old dinosaur
Jurassic Park refugee
you old fossil
my love for you will never be extinct
fossil fuel
it's / you're ancient history
been married / known each other since pre-historic times


best in the school / in the ocean
something fishy about your age
favorite fisherman / future fisherman
future marine biologist
one in a million
get in the swim
back in the swim (get well)


real patriot
Veterans Day
all American boy/girl
new citizen
our favorite vet


hot mamma / hot papa
hot lips (with kisses)
still hot after all these years
down in flames
seriously old (with dinosaurs or tombstones)
to a hot chick
to my hot Babe (with pigs)
favorite firefighter
you're smokin'
hot stuff


birds of a feather flock together
this flock's for you
from your flock, the whole flock
happy flocking birthday
from your flocking friend
you've been flocked
flocked & not kissed
never been flocked like this before
hope you're flying high
in the pink, tickled pink
throw caution to the birds
to our favorite bird-brain
from your bird-brained friends
wanna flock? let's flock together
happy hatch-day
1 flocking experience you won't forget
give you a good flocking
birthdays are for the birds
a little bird told us
got any birdseed?
let's fly away & leave the flock behind


happy bird-day
put a little pink in your day
flocking together for 25 years
get the flock out of bed, & get well soon
you're at the age to be bird-watching, not girl-watching
this flock's for you
have a flocking good time
from your flighty friends
do flamingos have plastic people in their yards?
help you landscape
flying high after all these years
tried to find something tackier
50 and still getting flocked!
congrats on your new hatchling
you gorgeous bird / chick
you old bird, rare bird
do you have what it takes to get up in the air?
we flew in for your birthday


favorite football lover / player
new boy baby
have a great game
Super Bowl party
sports nut
football star (with stars)


hoppy birthday
hop over here & hug me
I'd flip for you
kiss me, froggy
from your frogman
it's not easy being green
don't croak it's your birthday


to / from a favorite golf lover / player
new baby boy
have a great game
golf nut
put flutter on your putter
it's just a game
golf star (with stars)
do you have what it takes to get up in the air


congrats graduate
with numbers: 20__ grad
with stars: you're a star today
you did it
way to go


I love/like you
love & kisses
from my heart
from the bottom of my heart
happy Valentine's Day
happy Sweetest Day
happy Mother's / Father's Day
marry me?
thank you
you're the sweetest
will you go to prom with me?


love your lips
kisses on your birthday / anniversary
I love you
love & kisses
from my heart / bottom of my heart
Valentine's / Sweetest Day
Mother's Day / Father's Day
marry me
thank you
sweet 16 (with candy canes)
you're the sweetest
hot lips (with flames)
sweet lips (with candy canes)


happy bird-day
to / from a first class guy / gal
to my classy .. husband/wife/son
from your classy ... wife/father
to / from a stuffed shirt
to a totally cool gal / guy
chill out
you've been flocked
this flock's for you
happy flocking birthday
first class act
we miss chillin' with you
from your flock
will you go to prom with me?
to / from a gorgeous bird
to / from a classy bird
to / from a good-looking bird
to / from a favorite bird-brain


to / from the chauvinist pig
it's your day to squeal & snort
wallow in the mud
pig out, it''s your pig day
to / from the dominant boar
from your half-baked hams
to someone half-baked
to / from a favorite ham
herd it was your birthday
ham it up
go hog wild hog wild for you
don't get lost in the herd
from your herd
herd you have a new pen (new home)
quit wallowing around (get well)
we're hamstrung without you
in hog heaven
whole hog over you
you're a "Babe", to my "Babe"


hoppy birthday
hare's to you
some gray hares (hairs)
few more gray hares (hairs)
some bunny loves / likes you
love your buns
get your buns in gear out of bed & get well soon
oh, no! More gray hares
gray hares popping up all over
love your gray hares (hairs)
let's multiply
hop over here & hug me
have some hare-raising fun
have a hare-raising time


good luck
best wishes
kiss me, I'm Irish
erin go braugh
happy St. Patrick's Day
new job / new home
Irish birthday


hope your day is full of smiles
you make me smile / happy
have a happy day
thank you
smile! it's your birthday / anniversary
happy birthday, Sunshine
you are my sunshine
you light up my life
so happy it's your birthday
love your beautiful smile
happy retirement


to / from a favorite soccer lover / player
new baby
have a great game
World Cup party
soccer nut
soccer star (with stars)
softball star (with stars)
have a great game
to / from a favorite softball lover / player
World Championship party
softball nut
new baby
new baby
a star is born
you're a star
to my shining light
to the brightest star around
the light of my life
you are a star today
Independence Day
congrats new citizen
new baby
new hatchling
let's have a baby
baby shower
we're pregnant
let's get pregnant
to / from a favorite tennis lover / player
new baby
have a great game
to / from tennis nut
Wimbledon party
do you have what it takes to get up I the air
over the hill
old as dirt
one foot in the grave
with big lips: "kiss your ___s goodbye they're dead and gone"
with shamrocks for a new home "congrats on your new digs"
to a water lover
slow but sweet
our special terrapin
turtle lover / rescuer
to a future veterinarian / marine biologist
welcome home
returning military
we missed you
welcome back hero
to a favorite volleyball lover / player
have a great game
tournament party
volleyball nut
volleyball star (with stars)
new baby
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