Anniversaries are for celebrating. What an achievement! Announce that anniversary by decorating the yard with 30 big red hearts and kisses! Maybe add some bells, numbers or smileys.

All displays include a Happy Anniversary sign and a 5x7 card with space for a personal message.

Celebrate LOVE - everywhere in Arizona


Anniversary ideas

Get creative! Combine our flames with big red hearts in the yard and a sign that says "you set my heart on fire". Combine flames with big red lips with a sign for "hot lips I love you" or "one hot couple".

You can include the always romantic Flamingos! They mate for life in the wild. (They set a very good example).

Another classic anniversary yard display is pigs and lips in the yard and a sign "Hogs & Kisses on your/our anniversary" Our pigs are really cute. Look like "Babe". Kisses, for your Babe.

Add some frogs with hearts and get "Hoppy Anniversary".

Combine smiley faces with hearts for "Happy Anniversary".

Have a glass of wine and come up with your own fun idea.
The whole neighborhood will remember this anniversary. We are more than just hearts and kisses. There are over fifty items to create a custom display for this or any other occasion. We have examples on our photo gallery page, FaceBook page, Instagram pages and our YouTube Channel.



Choose a Display

Choose a Display

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