Adopt original plastic flamingos

Flamingos, yard card signs, T-shirts and toys to keep

adopt a pair of the original Don Featherstone flamingos
adopt a black bat for your batty friend
adopt a dino-mite dinosaur
Pair of original Don Featherstone flamingos. Now a collector item, these endangered birds still have a presence in Phoenix. 30" tall. This pair mates for life and should be with you for many years to come. You can adopt a pair of these American icons for just $45. You can adopt a pair of the "original plastic flamingos" for your friend to keep (available to good homes only).
Yes, this "22" black bat is also a Don Featherstone original available for adoption. Can be hung right side up or upside down. Comes with his adoption papers. $16
This extremely rare dinosaur Don Featherstone original design. 30" long, 19" high, molded plastic. He comes with a rod for outdoor environments and a stand for indoor locations. He's well mannered, polite and will get along well with other pets. $45

Add a pair of original plastic flamingos, dinosaur, bat or penguin (good homes only)

Adopt an original DOn Featherstone penguin
Leave a big number as a memento of the day
Leave a yard card sign as a memento of the day
The penguin is also a rare Don Featherstone original design. 22" tall, 12" in diameter, molded plastic. He can roost anywhere. Equally comfortable in outdoor environments and indoor locations, he's truly a bird for all seasons. He loves to dress up and particularly likes fancy parties. $50
19" tall Numbers. Leave a memento of the day's party. $10-14 #0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 $10 ea #10,13,14,15,16,17,18, 21 $12 ea #20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80 $14 ea
Baseball, basketball, bell, candy cane, fish, flame, football, frog, golf ball, heart, kill/lip, rabbit/gray hare, shamrock, smiley face, soccer ball, softball, star, tennis ball, tombstone, turtle, yellow ribbon or volleyball  12 - 17 ea

Stuffed toys

Flora the plush flamingo
Flavia the plush flamingo
Frankie the plush fish
Flora is 16" of soft, cuddly pink stuffed flamingo. She's the perfect best friend and confidant for anyone. Flora will go anywhere with you or wait at home for you on your pillow or easy chair. $18
Flavia is the little sister. 10" of plush flamingo cuteness. She loves to be near her person: on the chair, bedside, backpack, desk, dashboard or coat pocket. She can go anywhere with you discretely. $8
Frankie the fish is 9" long and has a hidden zippered pocket in his tummy for your keys or money. He can be carried or hung up by his ribbon. $5
Cassie the plush cow
Ricky the plush bunny rabbit
"Hot stuff" heart pillow
Cassie is 8" long and as cute as a little cow can be. She can ride in quietly in a pocket, purse or backpack, never moos at all. $5
This cute soft bunny will love you always. 8" tall and just the right size for anywhere. $5
Let 'em know you think they're Hot Stuff! 10" plush heart pillow. $5

"I've Been Flocked" T-shirts

Our soft pre-shrunk cotton shirts announce your elevated status as a "flockee". With the crazy Flamingos by night birds on the front and "I've been flocked" on the back. A great memento of the day.
S, M, L, XL sizes are $17.

XXL is $20
Who was Don Featherstone? Flamingo Father, that's who! He's the designer of the original plastic flamingo. Read History of the Plastic Flamingo



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Choose a yard sign display

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