Graduation yard card sign announcements

May is the most popular month, but graduations happen all year long. An occasion worthy of accomplishments acknowledged, and of course, wild celebration. Very popular are motarboard caps, stars, penguins, big numbers, hearts, smiley faces and of course, flamingos are the quintessential party animal! 
50 flamingos in yard for a graduation announcement near Peoria
yard sign display of graduation caps, hearts, 2021 and smiley faces near Carefree
30 stars graduation yard card sign announcement near Chandler

A Graduation announcement to remember

The whole neighborhood will remember this celebration. If you want to create a flutter on graduation day, send in our birds. We are more than just flamingos. We have penguins, too, and they come dressed for the party. There are over 50 items to create a custom yard card sign display for graduation, birthday or any occasion. We have examples on our FaceBook page, gallery page, Instagram page and our YouTube Channel.
graduation yard sign announcemen of caps, hearts, 2021s, penguins & lips near Tempe
30 penguins in yard for a cool kid.  Graduation yard sign greeting near Arcadia
yard display for graduation of stars, hearts and 2020s near Moon Valley

Regular size graduation yard sign announcements - 30 items (or more)

Regular All the same display - 50 pink flamingos in the yard or turtles, 40 bats or rabbits, 30 of anything else. Includes a yard sign (public message) and a card (personal message).
Regular Mix & Match display - 30 (or more) items. Choose the items and how many of each you want. Includes a yard sign (public message) and a card (personal message). HAPPY BIRTHDAY letters, numbers, animals, sports and more.
XL  displays - build your own custom display - add as many of each item as you wish. Want to rent 400 flamingos? 600 hearts? We can do that!

You can order online 24/7.  If you don't find it online, give us a call 480-483-3200! We go every night.
graduation yard sign display of caps & hearts near Scottsdale
hearts, stars,caps, 2021s yard card signs for graduation announcement near Tempe
All star graduation yard card sign greeting of 30 stars near Peoria

History of graduation

Graduation started back in the 12th century in Europe. Possibly from scholastic monks. The tradition was adopted by the "universitas", which were guilds of masters. (MAs) The words "degree" and "graduate" come from the Latin word "gradus", meaning "step". The current style of the mortarboard cap appeared in the 15th century and is thought to have derived from the biretta, a square cap worn by certain clergy. In 1950 the modern design was patented by a catholic priest and inventor Edward O'Reilly. The gowns and hoods (often brown or black) were worn by religious students to signify their status. And they also helped to keep the students warm in unheated buildings.

Our regular - larger displays and lower prices

We deliver yard card signs every night in the Phoenix metro area. Including Scottsdale, Arcadia, Paradise Valley, East Valley, West Valley and beyond. See a list of metro area cities. And you can adopt a pair of the "original plastic flamingos" for your birthday friend to keep (available to good homes only). We also have stuffed flamingos and "I've been flocked" T-shirts available as mementos.We can usually deliver your yard greeting signs even the same night. Get an estimate, then order online below or call us now.




Choose a yard sign display

Choose a yard sign display

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