Our story of Arizona birthday flamingos and yard card signs

The original plastic flamingos, American icons, were first made in 1957. Then some time around 1990 in Canada, the normally sedentary plastic flamingos began to travel. Late at night, flocks of flamingos would land in someone's front yard for a birthday, holiday or anytime surprise. They migrated again that evening, only to appear to another yard the next morning, to the great delight of the flockee (recipient).

FLAMINGOS by night was started in Phoenix in January 1994

Owner of Flamingos By NIght hand feeds live flamingos

and has been bringing joy and laughter to Arizona ever since. (A long time for a fly by night company!) We started with flamingos, pigs and dinosaurs, gradually adding more fun displays and numbers so that we now have over 50 items to entertain you. Flamingos By Night is the only place to find the original plastic flamingos in Arizona.

Although the plastic flamingo was originally not a nocturnal migrating bird, maybe there is no deterring of destiny. That wonderful pink icon of tackiness is more popular now than ever before!

Plastic flamingos have adapted very successfully to the modern environment. Today ornithologists estimate that there are only 950,000 live flamingos in existence, and the plastic flamingos have been produced well into the millions.

For the full story behind original flamingos, go to our page on Plastic Flamingo History.

All our flocks are comprised of 50 of the original flamingos. You know, the same ones you know and love from childhood. We love them, too.

As you can see, the owner of our company loves flamingos. And they love her!

At Flamingos by night, we are more than just flamingos. We have penguins, too, and they come dressed for the party. There are over 50 items to create a custom display for this or any other occasion. We have examples on our photo gallery page, FaceBook page, Instagram pages and our YouTube Channel.

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