Yes, we are still taking orders for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Celebrate LOVE


Valentine's Day is coming soon. What will you do this year to impress your sweetheart? Make it a memorable Valentine's Day by decorating their yard with 30 big red hearts or big red kisses. What could be better on Valentine's Day than big red hearts in the yard?

If you can't decide between hearts and kisses, just send both. Or make a custom display.

The standard sign will be Happy Valentine's Day, but you can customize the message for five dollars more. A 5x7 card with space for a personal message is included with each order. It will be placed by the front door.

Valentine's Day ideas

So let's get creative, we have big red hearts that you can combine our flames with big red hearts in the yard and a sign that says "you set my heart on fire". Or you can combine our flames with our lips with a sign for "hot lips I love you".

Flamingos mate for life in the wild. (They're very romantic). This makes flamingos in the yard special for your mate-for-life. A yard with flamingos and hearts would mean " I love you forever" or our "everlasting love". Add a custom sign with "Forever Love" or "Always My Valentine". A big public expression of your love.

We have gray bunnies to pair with the big red hearts and a custom sign for "Some bunny loves you".

A yard full of stars with a card message of "Ask me how much I love you, just count the stars" and a custom sign "You are my Star"

Another classic valentine's yard display are pigs and kisses in the yard and a sign "Hogs & Kisses for My Valentine" Our pigs are really cute. They look like "Babe". For your Babe.

You can marry bats and hearts for "I'm batty over you" or "With love from your Batman" or with kisses for "Kisses for my Batman".

Have a glass of wine and come up with your own fun idea.



Choose a Display

Choose a Display

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