Yard Signs for Birthday

A birthday or anniversary yard sign is included with each display

We have hundreds of combinations for our displays and a happy anniversary or birthday yard sign is included in each display we do. Your birthday or anniversary message will accompany a yard full of your favorite display items.

Yes, we can customize your yard sign for any display. Our signs are 33 inches tall and 24 inches wide. There is space for 5 lines of text with about 11 characters per line. A space also needs to be counted in between words on the same line. Here are some examples of what our customers have created:

Happy Birthday

Simple is sometimes just the right thought. A "Happy Birthday" yard sign is included with every display order.

Happy __th Birthday

Or choose a Happy Birthday sign with the age included. This works easily for non milestone birthdays. We also have big numbers for milestone years.

Happy anniversary

For an anniversary our standard sign is "Happy Anniversary" or "Happy __th anniversary". For five dollars you can upgrade the sign with your personal public message. Whatever you want the neighbors to know!

Happy __th anniversary

This is "Happy Anniversary" sign with the number of years on it. For five dollars you can upgrade the sign with your personal public message. When you want the neighbors to know the extent of their accomplishment.

Custom signs

Express yourself with a customized yard sign

You can have your own public message on the sign for the whole neighborhood to see for just five dollars with any display order. There is space for 5 lines of text with about 11 spaces per line. All orders also include a 5x7 inch card with space for a private message for the birthday. You can leave a message anonymously also. We are sworn to secrecy.

Some fun ideas

Flamingos by night gives you more than just a sign we have over 50 items to decorate your front yard. Big items make a bold statement to everyone about the day. Our typical displays fill an average front yard. And a small yard will be very fluffy! Get your message out loud and clear. If your yard happens to be larger we can increase the size of the display to create an impressive exhibit. Order below online or call us at 480-483-3200

See some examples at our photo gallery page, our YouTube Channel, Instagram page and FaceBook page . A picture is worth a thousand words.
People love to celebrate. As long as anyone can remember we have always made up something to make into a big party. Winter festivals for the shortest day, autumn festivals for the harvest, a king's birthday or a national holiday are all good reasons to eat, drink and be merry. We help you make your birthday, anniversary or retirement a celebration that is memorable. Thank you for help given is also memorable with flamingos, hearts, kisses, smiley faces or anything else that commemorates the event. Adding joy to someone's birthday is one of those things that makes someone feel special.



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